Julius eRRol Flynn is an entirely self-taught tailor, so named because of his mother's love of good old cinema and the impeccable style of the Tasmanian actor. Julius grew up outside of Chicago and his first goal was to represent his country at the Olympics in gymnastics. Although he spent six hours a day in the gym and competed on the highest national level for years, he finally didn't make the cut.

After graduating from high-school he traveled through Italy for several weeks where he was fascinated by the style of Italian men, who managed to always look impeccable by combining classic and fashionable pieces. He studied fictional writing in Chicago thereafter as he was in love with the works of James Baldwin, Langston Hughes and the dandy characters from the Harlem Renaissance whom were determining the fashion trends of the times. As he wanted to see the world, he decided to head for Japan to teach English. Looking for new ideas and inspirations, he met his partner, who worked as marketing director in Tokyo at the time and the two decided to move to Berlin.

Once there, he concentrated on acquiring the skills to craft the perfect shirt as he was never happy with what he could buy in the shops. A love for details and oldschool craftmanship combined with urbanSmart and traditional fashion, all with a semi-slim cut, yet comfortable fit were parts of his vision. He uses the finest fabrics, that are designed, woven and manufactured in Italy of the highest quality 2-ply Egyptian cotton. Details such as hand-sewn buttons (crafted in Germany) and a unique curve sleeve allowing free movement are his approach to achieving an outstanding garment. All this with a guaranteed slave labour free production (all shirts are made in the European Union an hour outside of Berlin) make a difference which was well received at various fashion events in Europe and the United States.

Julius eRRol Flynn is available throughout Europe as well as in Singapore and Korea. His new collection will be sold for the first time in the United States as of Spring 2014.

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